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Dear reader,

Welcome, and thank you for joining me for this experiment! And, in the unlikely event that you’re not my parents or my boyfriend, nice to meet you! You’re currently reading a new iteration of the journal I have been stopping and starting for pretty much my entire life. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with capturing my life in writing. In middle school, I scrawled (terrible) song lyrics into a notebook with a glittery cupcake on it. In high school, I partially filled many moleskines with lamentations on my nonexistent love life. In college, I filled the margins of my Passion Planner with notes about the day’s events. These methods all have one thing in common: I have always been an analog gal, though and through.

The siren song of a fresh notebook has always been irresistible to me. Like many of my fellow paper addicts, though, I have always found starting projects much easier than finishing them. I am no stranger to that burst of creative energy that arrives suddenly, compelling you to buy a notebook and fill the first page. I am also no stranger to the sinking feeling that comes after, of staring at a blank second page and convincing yourself that your thoughts are worthy of filling it. It’s the worst kind of conundrum – the more reverence you hold for paper, the harder it is to pay your respects to it.

Which is why, you might have noticed, you’re not reading this on paper. Luckily for me, a deleted blog post leaves no ripped edge, no cracked spine, no bumpy white-out mark. My hope is that, by moving my journal journey into the digital sphere, I can overcome the paralysis that paper gives me and just create.

I also hope that by moving my musings online, I might even have something to offer to you. I have a lot of love bubbling inside me. I love pretty bits of paper, traveling, reading, theatre in all its ever-evolving forms, and a thousand other little, lovely things – and I am excited to share those things with you. So while you won’t get to read any horrible song lyrics or embarrassing unsent love letters, I hope you might learn a thing or two about these things I love. Or, even better, you might come to love them yourself.

Until next time,


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